Marietta 120 Triac

by  Joana Bover
Designers Joana Bover
MARIETTA is an outstanding interpretation of the classical industrial lights installed in most of the warehouses and factories in Europe during the beginning of the Twentieth Century. In Bover we took the decision of going through this classical and functional lighting model and make it into a warm, contemporary and decorative object, which is able to adapt to any environment and live together with other products more purist and with less presence. After studying it, we decided to keep the aluminum cone as the original one used also with the metal ring, showing discreetly the nature of the luminaire. The handmade ribbon shades make this piece special and unique. MARIETTA collection consists of Big Format lights designed both for corporate and commercial spaces, for the restaurant industry and indoor spaces. MARIETTA includes a polycarbonate bottom diffuser and is available in dimmable version.

Joana Bover


TRIAC Satin Aluminum
TRIAC Satin Copper


White Translucent Ribbon
Cream Translucent Ribbon
Red Translucent Ribbon
Black Translucent Ribbon

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