Mei 90 Suspensión

Mei 90

by  Joana Bover
Designers Joana Bover
Mei is a pendant family composed of different shapes and lines but with a common denominator: the ribbon. The ribbon shades are entirely made in BOVER, starting with the frames welding to the ribbon process itself. This allows us to totally control the product quality, custom process and delivery terms. The Mei lamps are great for environments where a warm light is required. They mostly have a wide diameter, offering as a result a good direct light. Discrete and decorative since its mechanical structure is hidden inside the lamp, as if they were in a second place. Lamps are held by thin tensor wires that enhance its lightness. With Mei collection we have developed tailor-made lamps with important dimensions, and we have been able to make a quality packaging to ensure the shipment worldwide.

Joana Bover


Satin Nickel


White Translucent Ribbon
Cream Translucent Ribbon
Red Translucent Ribbon
Black Translucent Ribbon

Technical description

3x77W Classic A Eco E-27 3x22W E-27
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