Penta M/50

by  Gonzalo Milà & Juan Carlos Ines
In 1996, Gonzalo Milà and Juan Carlos Ines designed a lamp made of aluminium. But at that time his idea was a prototype. The moment to launch Penta finally arrived, and a very important change to make it happen was to replace the initial folded plate with the stamping technique. Three finishes have been chosen for Penta: brass, aluminum and copper; respecting the lamp’s interior color and applying an oxidation process to the outside of the lamp. “The premise was to make an interior table lamp in which you could have a lightened surface that doesn’t dazzle”. Choose a corner and let Penta create its warm atmosphere, either illuminating a space or as mood lighting thanks to the incorporated dimmer.

Gonzalo Milà
Juan Carlos Ines
Juan Carlos Ines


Antique Brass Outside, Polished Brass Inside
Antique Copper Outside, Polished Copper Inside
Graphite Aluminum Outside, Polished Aluminum Inside
Natural White Penta
White Shade – Copper Finish Inside

Technical description

8,4W LED
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