Wall Street FL

by  Joana Bover
Designer Joana Bover
Basic and functional program of decorative fluorescent wall lamps which incorporate an optimal beam light diffusion, manually manufactures with translucent ribbon or cotton fabric. Available in different measures for domestic or public spaces according to customer needs.
Joana Bover
Joana Bover
Wall Street FL
Wall Street FL
Wall Street FL
Wall Street FL


Niquel-satinado Satin Nickel
Cromo-brillante Brilliant Chrome


pergamino Parchment
plisada Pleated
Cotonet Cotton
Cotonet White Cotton
Cinta-crema Cream Translucent Ribbon
Cinta-blanca White Translucent Ribbon

Technical description

Clase_II_blauF_blau230V-50Hz_blauADACE_blauETL_blau ClassicEco_blau 1x30W Classic P Eco E-27 CFL-E27_blau 1x14W E-27 LED_blau 1x1,2W LED
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The Ribbon collection is a good expression of a timeless and handcrafted product. The handmade ribbon shade collection is the starting point of a change for Bover. With the big formats flexibility and adaptability we are able to fulfill the needs of various contract projects.

The ribbon collection suite perfectly in any space making the atmosphere warm and pleasant

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