Cornelia T

by  Joana Bover
Designer Joana Bover
Cornelia Table lamp is a natural and welcome addition to the Cornelia family launched in 2013 with the Big Format chandelier. Like her big sister, Cornelia table lamp comes in a large variety of finish options for the shade materials, 2 finish options for the structure and weighted base in either black or white and 2 options for the hardware that is manually adjusted to articulate the lamp in either chrome or brass.
Joana Bover
Joana Bover
Cornelia T
Cornelia T


Blanco_Laton-pulido White – Polished Brass
Negro_Laton-pulido Black – Polished Brass
Negro_Cromo Black – Chrome
Blanco_Cromo White – Chrome


Cinta-blanca White Translucent Ribbon
Cinta-crema Cream Translucent Ribbon
Cinta-roja Red Translucent Ribbon
Cotonet White Cotton
cotonetnegro Black Cotton
COTONET-BLANCO_NARANJA White Fabric – Orange Inside
COTONET-NEGRO_NARANJA Black Fabric – Orange Inside
COTONET-NEGRO_ORO Black Fabric – Gold Inside
COTONET-NEGRO_PLATA Black Fabric – Silver Inside

Technical description

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terra_blauF_blau230V-50Hz_blaufotometrics_blauCE_blau LED_E27_blau 1x8W E27 LED
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