Drip Drop S3L

Drip/Drop S/03L

by  Christophe Mathieu
Drop and Drip's small screen is made of borosilicate glass, finer and more delicate than blown glass. "I wanted the material to be very tasteful, almost like a candy," says Christophe. The choice of glass is intimately related to the light that creates. In the words of its creator: "I was looking for a very bright light, and the translucent glass and its shape contribute to it. The light source is an LED that is hidden so that light is the only protagonist. Then, when the light is projected and reflected in the materials that are found along the way, it creates a set of sparkles and shadows. All that, enrich the object. " Its light is intimate, but it also has a practical utility for those who are nearby. "I always bear in mind the space where a lamp is going to be located because that is where it becomes meaningful" explains Christophe. The Drop and the Drip are intended for application in both residential and contract projects. Thanks to its multiple applications it works very well in all hotel spaces, in public areas as well as in rooms.

Christophe Mathieu
Drip Suspensión 3 luces


Drop Transparent Glass
Drop Frosted Glass
Drop Green Glass
Drop Blue Glass
Drip transparent glass
Drip Blue Glass
Drip Frosted Glass
Drip Green Glass
Drip Polycarbonate Opal


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Technical description

8.4W LED
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