Fora P

Fora Pie

by  Alex Fernández Camps & Gonzalo Milà
FORA is an outdoors lamp with IP-55. The cast iron base is distinguished by a radial base whose tubular desing improves durability and allows light to reach the grass. Light source is protected by an elliptical medium intensity and U.V. protection polythene globe, which guarantees a water tight electrical fixture. The shade is made of synthetic wicker, making it highly resistant to weathering while casting a pleasant, diffuse light. The result is a luminaire that adapts well to all types of indoor and outdoor environments. Its versatility is remarkable and difficult to find in products of this category. This family consists of a table lamp, floor lamp, ceiling, pendant retail and pendant big format.
Alex Fernandez Camps
Alex Fernández Camps
Gonzalo Milà
Gonzalo Milà
Fora P
Fora P
Fora P


Blanco-roto Natural White – Cast Iron Base
Blanco-roto_Base-hormigon Natural White – Concrete Base
Marron-grafito Brown Graphite – Cast Iron Base
Marron_Base-hormigon Brown Graphite – Concrete Base


beige-claro Light Beige
marron-fibra Brown

Technical description

terra_blauF_blauIP-55230V-50Hz_blaufotometrics_blauCE_blauETL_blau CFL-E27_blau 2 x 22 W E-27 LED_E27_blau 2 x 8 W E-27 LED
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Maybe because we are from the seaside, Outdoor is one of the fields where Bover is most well-known. The common thread of our outdoor collections is that we offer warm and clear light surrounded by organic and delicate shapes.

Thanks to their highly decorative look, the Outdoor collections can equally be placed both in exterior and interior environments to create a surrounding comfort. In addition to design, their strong durability make them perfect also for commercial spaces. Their versatility is remarkable making these products unique in exterior solutions.

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