Lea 01

Lea 01

by  Alex Fernández Camps
Lea is an architectural wall light with no ornaments. It is useful to keep our work space in order and also offers  a high quality bottom light. Lea can be installed in different places, such as  headboard, corridors, kitchens…although above a desk would be the place where it probably looks best. When we are staying in a hotel room we can find lots of information about the city, international press, info about the hotel usually on the room desk. The Lea wall lights include a shelf in the top part able to store books and magazines up to 4 kgs to release space from the desk. They are also available with direct switch.
Alex Fernandez Camps
Alex Fernández Camps


Blanco White
Blanco-DALI Dali Dimming System / White

Technical description

terra_blauF_blau230V-50Hz_blauCE_blau T5_fluorescent_blau 1x24W T5 fluorescente
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In Bover we believe that the right combination between design and technical development is crucial for a successful product.

We like to say that we create “heart made contemporary design lighting pieces”. Heart made because we are careful about details and contemporary because our products will remain actual in the future. The contemporary collection is the result of the professionalism and the concerns of a team of people who live and feel the cultural world surrounding them, of a team of respected designers advocating the creation of new lighting experiences for the whole world.

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