Lineana Ipe

by  Christophe Mathieu
LINEANA is an outdoor lamp with IP55 with aluminium structure. Its frontal slats confer the lamp a strong and compact look and at the same distribute and blend the light housted in an inner policarbonate container, protecting inside its lineal fluorescence. Its main feature lies on the big and clean opennings of its structure look, more contemporary and lively.
Christophe Mathieu
Christophe Mathieu


Gris-grafito Grey Graphite
Marron-grafito Graphite Brown
Gris-grafito_LED LED Grey Graphite
Marron-grafito_LED LED Graphite Brown

Technical description

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terra_blauF_blauIP-55230V-50Hz_blaufotometrics_blauCE_blau G9_blau 2x9W G9 Bajo consumo G9_LED_blau 2x3,5W LED G-9 LED_blau 26W LED
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