Maxi Suspensión

Maxi 01 Suspensión

by  Joana Bover
Designer Joana Bover
MAXI represents for sure the most characteristic and emblematic product of BOVER. Made out of translucent ribbon since its creation in 2001, Maxi has achieved positioning itself as one of the most reliable and best seller product in BOVER’s catalogue, regardless the market or culture it is addressed to. Maxi products meet in one product BOVER’s essence: its smooth shapes, its warm light and the different available options in which it is presented in the market, has positioned this product as a non-temporal product, adapting itself without shrillness over time without losing its contemporary aspect.
Joana Bover
Joana Bover


Instalacion-Superior Electrical Upper Installation
Instalacion-Inferior Electrical Bottom Installation


Cinta-crema_Inst.Superior Top Cream Ribbon
Cinta-blanca_Inst.Superior Top White Ribbon
Cinta-crema_Inst.Inferior Bottom Inst. Cream Ribbon
Cinta-blanca_Inst.Inferior Bottom Inst. White Ribbon

Technical description

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Clase_II_blauF_blau230V-50Hz_blauCE_blauETL_blau ClassicEco_blau 4x46W Classic P Eco E-27 CFL-E27_blau 4x30W E-27
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