Peana 01 Fonda Europa

by  Carles Riart & Lluís Porqueras
Peana model in its different sizes, offer us the singularity of being a light-table. This small group of tables with inner light belongs to the products that Carles Riart and Lluís Porqueras designed for the refurbishment of the project Fonda Europa in Granollers. The idea of this interior project was based on the concept of tradition and reinterpretation of the daily objects, being its aim its durability over trends. The result was pieces with a high concept of sensual comfort, solid and traditional which do not succumb to time. A tripod made with brass tubes with nickel or chrome finishes conform the shade that houses a cotton shade in its interior part. The top cylindrical part is of natural wood with wenge or white lacquer finish. Peana is a custom products that easily adapt to all surroundings and applications. It emits a central warm and pleasant light that enables comfort and accompaniment for a corner or any space thought to offer welfare. It is often used as auxiliary furniture due to its lightness.
Carles Riart
Carles Riart
Lluís Porqueras
Lluís Porqueras
Peana 01 Fonda Europa


Cromo-Lacado-blanco Chrome – White Lacquer
Cromo-Madera-Wengue Chrome – Wengue Wood


Cotonet White Cotton

Technical description

Clase_II_blau230V-50Hz_blauCE_blauETL_blau Bombeta_gran_blau 1x77W Classic A Eco E-27 CFL-E27_blau 1x30W E-27
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In Bover we believe that the right combination between design and technical development is crucial for a successful product.

We like to say that we create “heart made contemporary design lighting pieces”. Heart made because we are careful about details and contemporary because our products will remain actual in the future. The contemporary collection is the result of the professionalism and the concerns of a team of people who live and feel the cultural world surrounding them, of a team of respected designers advocating the creation of new lighting experiences for the whole world.

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