Plafonet 01 Fonda Europa

by  Carles Riart & Lluís Porqueras & Joana Bover
Plafonet is one of the most flexible products in our portfolio due to its simplicity, good design and excellent quality vs. cost relationship. Plafonet has been with us since 2005 and it has been taking up a stance on the bestsellers ranking year after year. This ceiling lamp was born in our technical office and it is the result of long talks between Carles Riart, Lluís Porqueras and Joana Bover during the refurbishment of the Fonda Europa in Granollers, in which Riart and Porqueras contributed their best knowledge, steeping that beautiful place with a new air but keeping its strong identity. The result was a more comfortable space for endless social gatherings. All the furniture and accessories were designed and created separately, according to the use and place where they were supposed to be allocated. That was, without a doubt, the result of the sensitivity Mr. Parellada, the owner, has for design.
Carles Riart
Carles Riart
Lluís Porqueras
Lluís Porqueras
Joana Bover
Joana Bover


Laton-Cinta-crema Brass – Cream Translucent Ribbon
Acero-inoxidable-Cinta-crema Inox – Cream Translucent Ribbon
Laton-Cinta-blanca Brass – White Translucent Ribbon
Acero-inoxidable-Cinta-blanca Inox – White Translucent Ribbon
Laton-Cotonet-blanco Brass – White Cotton
Acero-inoxidable-Cotonet-blanco Inox – White Cotton

Technical description

Clase_II_blauF_blau230V-50Hz_blauCE_blauETL_blau ClassicEco_blau 2x46W Classic P Eco E-27 CFL-E27_blau 2x14W E-27
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The Ribbon collection is a good expression of a timeless and handcrafted product. The handmade ribbon shade collection is the starting point of a change for Bover. With the big formats flexibility and adaptability we are able to fulfill the needs of various contract projects.

The ribbon collection suite perfectly in any space making the atmosphere warm and pleasant

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