Syra 45 Indoor

Syra 45 Indoor

by  Alex Fernández Camps & Gonzalo Milà
SYRA is an outdoor pendant lamp, easily identifiable and characteristic within BOVER Outdoor collection. Shade is made of aluminum structure, woven with synthetic fiber. The inner light source is protected by an opal glass ceiling lamp which softens the outcoming light. Metal elements subject to welding are treated with antirustprocesses (Cataphoresis) Designed to be a versatile product to be used both in interior and outdoor applications. Syra is rated IP-55 to guarantee its consealed, even though its light emissions and shapes offer features and values more appropriate for indoor products. Thanks to the LED plate, Syra is a resistant and energysaving luminaire. Syra range is ideal for half-closed spaces, terraces and covered porches which need warm light and kind elements to bring comfort. Its height can be regulated through the tensor wires.
Alex Fernandez Camps
Alex Fernández Camps
Gonzalo Milà
Gonzalo Milà


Blanco-syra White (Syra)
Marron-chocolate Chocolate Brown
Blanco-syra_DALI Dali Regulable System – White (Syra)
Marron-chocolate_DALI Dali Dimming System – Chocolate Brown

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terra_blauF_blau230V-50Hz_blaufotometrics_blauCE_blauETL_blau LED_blau 17W LED
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