Tibeta Set3

Tibeta Set 3

by  Christophe Mathieu
TIBETA is a family of pendant lights made of a spun aluminum body. It is available in three different sizes and shapes which can be used either individually or in groups of three or more units according to client’s needs. Tibeta includes a led module inside, which provides direct bottom light.
Christophe Mathieu
Christophe Mathieu


Cromo-negro Black Chrome – Black Fabric Wire
Aluminio-pulido-2 Polished Aluminum – Grey Fabric Wire
COBRE_BRILLANT Brilliant Copper – Copper Metallic Mesh

Technical description

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terra_blauF_blau230V-50Hz_blaufotometrics_blauCE_blauETL_blauTriac_blau LED_blau 30.4 W LED
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