Timea A

by  Christophe Mathieu
This is a wall lamp with a contemporary look. Its outline is stylized, plain and devoid of any superficial elements. It recuperates wood as a noble material which adapts perfectly to its design and outline. Timea is part of a family of wall and floor lamps thought for spaces where light intensity must be graduated, ideal for working areas that require versatile support lights, offering a good result both functionally and aesthetically. Its shade rotates 240º. It is made out of polish plate holding inside a wood handle which isolates the heat from the halogen lamp and allows to move hood to desired position.
Christophe Mathieu
Christophe Mathieu


Niquel-satinado Satin Nickel
Cromo-brillante Brilliant Chrome
Niquel-Madera Wood Nickel
Cromo-Madera Wood Chrome

Technical description

Clase_II_blauF_blau230V-50Hz_blauCE_blau R7S 1x120W R7S 118mm R7S_LED_blau 1x8W R7S 118mm
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In Bover we believe that the right combination between design and technical development is crucial for a successful product.

We like to say that we create “heart made contemporary design lighting pieces”. Heart made because we are careful about details and contemporary because our products will remain actual in the future. The contemporary collection is the result of the professionalism and the concerns of a team of people who live and feel the cultural world surrounding them, of a team of respected designers advocating the creation of new lighting experiences for the whole world.

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