Attic in Barcelona

Images: Montse Garriga

This project was done by Abrils Studio, architecture and interior design office. Lamps supplied by Ustrellum.

In this case, the reform not only affected the distribution but also at the structural level.

“We wanted to get a modern, timeless and with the building’s own touches.” The premise of the customers to buy this attic was to maintain the essence of the property, which had its own touches of Barcelona but being a modern home, so they kept elements of the building itself, adding the necessary technology for modernity and comfort.

First of all they worked spaces in a neutral, clean and rational way for their functionality. Once these had this balance, they add the touch of color, or the distinctive element.

Above the dinning table, you can find 3 of our  Non La pendant linear arranged. On both sides of the bed of the master bedroom, we find Drip S/03L in blue finish. Its light is intimate, but it also has a practical utility for those who are nearby.

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