Chalet in Zuya

The house remodel has been possible thanks to the work of the Tribeca Bilbao professionals.

The high ceilings of the home in Zuya have allowed to create a spacious and functional living room that is the center of the house. It’s a space open to other rooms, where its great brightness stands out.

The focuses of the dining room are, whithout a doubt, the stained oak table of the signature Vedra and the Syra lamp, over it. The Syra offers a good dose of comfort thanks to the synthetic fiber of its large shade.

The porch, which has privileged views of the Zuya valley, continues with the same decorative style that has been employed inside the house. Several of our outdoor lamps have been chosen to light the porch, specifically the Fora suspension and the Garota P / 02.

Tribeca Bilbao has designed a space for leisure and relax to enjoy year round.

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