Jaleo Disney Springs

A restaurant in Disney Springs should be a memorable place, not just a place to eat.  A  space  where  to  enjoy  the  food  in  an  original  and  unique  setting,  this was Capella Garcia Arquitectura’s goal: to entertain the diner while enjoying a good meal to make his stay in Jaleo an unforgettable experience. The main concept of the interior design has been to offer “a tapeo”, that is to say a tasting of many small bites, with shapes, colors, chairs, lamps, images, in accordance with a typical Spanish menu.

The  materials  are  always  warm  and  affable,  with  a  predominance  of  wood, upholstery, curtains and ceramic materials. Citrus, orange and lemon colours abound, and  above  all  red,  so  typical  of  Spain.

Architecture & Interior design: Juli Capella, Miquel Garcia – Capella Garcia Arquitectura / Howell Belanger Castelli -HBC architects

Location: Disney Springs, Orlando, Florida(USA)

Images: Think Food Group

Text: Capella Garcia Arquitectura

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