Mas Salagros Ecoresort

The common threat of our outdoor collection is that offer a warm and clear light surrounded by organic and delicate shapes. On top of the design, the materials used make them perfect also for indoor commercial spaces due to the high resistance.

Fora and Garota are products designed to illuminate warm outdoor spaces as it’s the case of Mas Sagaros Ecoresort. Both light sources are protected by an elliptical medium intensity and U.V. resistant polythene globe, which grants a water tight electrical fixture.

Mas Salagros Ecoresort embrace the slow movement: perfect to disconnect and relax in the heart of a nature reserve just outside Barcelona. They are a 100% eco-friendly hotel. At Mas Salagros, we meet the standards established in European regulations on sustainability, which include building materials, energy efficiency and waste management.

Bover Barcelona Lights: Iluminación contemporánea