Private Sunset

AUTHOR: Egue y Seta.
With direct involvement of: Daniel Pérez, Felipe Araujo, Covandonga Díaz, Marta Elizagaray, Álvaro Sánchez, Mireia Lucas, Maria Escobar, Diana García and Verónica Galli.


This attic is framed by the sun setting and coming up again for those who spy on it from these two superb terraces (east and west / sea and mountain oriented) with outdoor cinema, pool, jacuzzi, bar, barbecue and outdoor dining.


The round and delicate shapes of Bover’s Outdoor products provide a high decorative level and contribute to create warm environments both indoors and outside.
Both, Amphora and Garota, are a good example of this versatility of an inside-out connection. It is technically prepared to be installed outdoors, so it is highly resistant to weather effects; and at the same time its synthetic fiber shade provides a pleasant surrounding atmosphere.

Bover Barcelona Lights: Iluminación contemporánea