SB Icaria

Interior Design: Alado Studio

SB Icaria hotel is an accommodation where you can feel Barcelona and the sea up close whenever you want, the place where you are the one who enjoys the experiences. On its restaurant, you can sample their exquisite cuisine prepared with cooking shows. At Icaria restaurant, you can find some of our Dome.

The DOME60’s smaller dimensions and its decorative capacity are ideal if you are looking for a lamp to give special character to a space. It can be fully integrated in a restaurant or a counter or reception. This is also true for the home, where it adapts perfectly to a dining room or a living room.

To light up the bar, they chose a group of Drop S/01. One of the most outstanding features of the Drop is its diversity of sizes. We find versions of 1, 6, 7, 12, 24, 36 and 48 lights only in suspension. The biggest has a diameter of 1 meter, which gives it a great visual impact.

Bover Barcelona Lights: Iluminación contemporánea