Somni Restaurant, L. A.

If you imagine the ultimate culinary experience, what would your dream entail? Perhaps a world-class chef would invite you to his house, right into his kitchen and start cooking for you, in front of you. This is what the interior design of Somni (meaning “Dream” in Catalan) is meant to represent – the restaurant re-creates the kitchens of Chefs José Andrés and Aitor Zabala, and creates a magical, intimate space, designed for just ten people to dine.

As with a ritual altar, the sole table in the space curves to bring the diners closer and draw the focus to the kitchen. Guests are close to the activity in the kitchen throughout the entire experience – to get a front row seat to the preparation and cooking of the dishes.

Comfortably seated and gazing into the kitchen, guests will enjoy the show, an intense dance where the cooks – as many as diners – will unveil a repertoire of dozens of perfectly composed plates. Everything is finely tuned, like a play where everyone moves in harmony. To focus the kitchen’s activity, there is a large golden dome over the cooks, sanctifying the space.

Somni appeals to all the senses: visually, the space is filled with warm, inviting colors. The soundscape is a murmur of knifework and cooking. The tactile feel of the pottery and flatware, noble materials in your hands. The aromas that fill your brain and entice you. And of course the taste, the culmination of this culinary performance.

Above the dinning table, you can find some of our slend. Christophe Mathieu created this collection to make spaces elegant with it slim and delicate shapes. These lights have three different formats which can be combined as desired, acheiving a large range of applications.

The functional, warm design, inspired by classic humanism and organicism, is touched by surrealism, of force and just a bit of madness. Passion always imposes itself on strict functionality.
A unique space, like a dream, for an intimate, transcendent experience.

Design: Juli Capella, Miquel Garcia – Capella Garcia Arquitectura
Text: Capella Garcia Arquitectura
Location: SLS Hotel – Beverly Hills, LA (USA)
Client: Think Food Group – José Andrés / Chef Aitor Zabala
Photographs: Jill Paider

Bover Barcelona Lights: Iluminación contemporánea