Team: Team: Customer Service

Estela Rafael

Every day is a new opportunity!
Team: Sales Director

Xavi del Molino

I love travelling and discover new things
Team: Commercial

Gerard Vila

I like doing adventure sports and activities
Team: USA Sales Director

Marcos Sanchez

I like to keep a good head on my shoulders, a warm heart, and my feet on the ground
Team: Export USA

Carlota Guarro

I like going to Mallorca in the summer
Team: Logistics USA

Odniel Manon

I love blueberry muffins.
Team: Commercial

Sonia Ferran

I like to get up early and take advantage of the morning
Team: Mounting

Hector Madrid

I like to disassemble and assemble all type of devices, fix it all
Team: Mounting

Fernando Ruiz

I hate the cold. I love being with the family!
Team: Mounting

Nuria Latienda

I love chocolate
Team: Mounting

Carmen Diaz

I like football, I am a Real Madrid fan
Team: Ribbon

Carmen Puga

I like all animals except from reptiles
Team: Ribbon

Josefina Nicolas

I like to Cook, make desserts and I have fear of mice
Team: Mounting

Monse Ponce

I can't stand doing inventory, I love to do craft-work
Team: Technical office

David Florensa

I like working in the technical office of the factory
Team: Production

Javi Perez

I am a foodie, I love going to La Boqueria market in Barcelona.
Team: expeditions

Pau Bover

Only death can stop me
Team: IT

Joan Icart

I love to be Joanet’s godfather! :)
Team: Commercial

Tonyi Salmerón

I like that everything goes well but that never happens on Tuesdays
Team: Technical office

Franco Piacentino

I like the lawn, barbecue and the aroma of the coffee.
Team: Technical office

Jordi Ferré

I like music and silence
Team: Administration

Isabel Lucas

I love the hello kitty
Team: Management

Joana Bover

I like to go sailing with Quim