Boho Hotel, Praga

Images: Adrià Goula

GCA Architects recently were responsible for the renovation and interior design for the Hotel Boho Building, in the center of Prague. Their team with 30 years of experience and more than 100 employees, opted for our FORA P / 165 within the restaurant.

Interior design completes the gastronomic experience, with innovating daring lines, which enhance the amazing verticality of the spaces. The round and delicate shapes of Bover’s Outdoor products provide a high decorative level and contributes to create warm environments both indoors and out.
FORA is a perfect example of versatility of an inside-out connection. It is technically prepared to be installed outdoors, so it is highly resistant to weather effects; and at the same time its synthetic fiber shade provides a pleasant surrounding atmosphere.

All the elements of the space result in a highly sophisticated atmosphere.

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