Casa Decor Madrid 2016

Photos: Casa Decor

Inmaculada Recio and Silvia Trigueros (Ele Room 62) decided to create  a dining room and a bath in Casa Decor Madrid 2016.

In the dining room, in which they opted for Tibeta, they created a space full of contrasts; a creative scene that did not leave elegance aside.
In the bathroom, a warm, intimate, elegant and sophisticated space, they decided on Slend.

Both Tibeta and Slend are from the collections of Cristophe Mathieu.  Both are aluminum, coated by and electrolytic black chrome, copper or polished aluminum bath, and have indirect LED lower lighting, ideal for lighting restaurant tables, store counters, stairwells, etc.

They can be used either individually or in sets of three or more units and are characterized by providing a variety of applications from the combination of their formats. As for differences, Slend has a slim shape while Tibeta maintains a more rounded line.

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