Hotel Helvetia, Zurich

Image: Conradin Frei


With a total of 632 square metres distributed over five storeys, the Hotel Helvetia presents itself as a glamorous, modernised riverside property in one of the finest spots in Zurich’s historic centre.

The striking interior was conceived by Leopold Weinberg  in collaboration with architect Nele Dechmann. ‘The architecture was tailor-made for the location and for the guests, from the placement of each and every niche right down to the reading lamps,’ says Dechmann.

The hotel’s casual atmosphere is actually the result of intensive research and planning by the owner Leopold Weinberg, architect, and partner, Adrian Hagenbach, joint owners of the WAC group. What do modern nomads need in heir rooms? What can they do without? What can we do to create pleasant surprises? ‘Selection’ was an important keyword throughout the planning.

Several of our products have been chosen for these rooms. As the main luminary we find the Plafonet: elegant by its form, harmonious and of discrete proportions. The wall lamp Lea stands out for being a light-place: it allows us to have a book by hand, next to the headboard, and at the same time it offers us a quality light.

The Drop captivates you from a distance, its design surprises you when you approach and invites you to illuminate them. In this case, our DROP M36 allows us to regulate the light on the desk with a simple movement, thanks to its proxy dimmer.

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