New collections 2019

At this year’s Euroluce, perhaps the most important event for contemporary lighting, We launched some new outdoor and indoor collections including typologies and materials we had never worked with before.

For example, we have introduced modular programs where smaller pendants can be grouped based on the size of the project.


Thanks to its size and the materials used, they are highly decorative because they give the product a timeless, serene and Mediterranean appearance, which invites us to come and go.
Tria Outdoor
The Tria are one of the most beautiful products and receives much positive response from our catalog. For this reason we decided to take them a little further so as to now included them within our gardens, terraces and open spaces.

We expanded the collection with a Garota garland that will bring warm light to those summer evenings in terraces and gardens.
New Amphora's smaller dimensions can be fully integrated in any place. Also it allows us to make compositions in smaller spaces.

MediterrĂ nia
A soft wave of ribbon that pays homage to our Mediterranean light, so heterogeneous throughout the day; that light that always combines bright flashes with very warm beams
The Mod seeks its inspiration in the nature, as it can be grouped to form a garden of possibilities through the finishes of the clusters of flowers,being able to adapt to almost all types of materials.
Drip Linear
Until now, all of the Drip and Drop pendant lamps fell in circular cascades. On this occasion, we are increasing the possibilities by adding to the collection a multiple linear suspension arrangements!

From the beginning of the creation of the Dome, we knew that sooner or later we should expand the collection with smaller versions that allow us to create lighter spaces.
Tanit is a portable and rechargeable table lamp. Due to it lightness, size and autonomy, Tanit lamp can have different applications both in the domestic area as well as on terraces of restaurants and hotels
Skybell is an extensive system of light structures, designed to adapt to any type of application. Their main characteristic is the image they give off, they are subtle and cheerful.